We take care of everything to empower your business
Simple yet efficient way of organizing product launches, flash e-stores, popups & other events, that will drive more potential customers to offline locations and web-platforms
What is Sneakerdraws?
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What we do?
Let technology do the hard work for you.
Get rid of all the routine with our essential set of tools & services
Creating a launch takes literally minutes. Customers pay directly to you. We take care of all the routine and send you the list of winners and shipping labels
Get discovered
Drive new people to your store or e-commerce platform with offline & online experiences and capture their hearts & minds
Fair & Transparent
No more bots, no all-family-and-friends registrations.
Our script will eliminate most of them!
Stable & secure, so your events will be just flawless by any means
About us
We're not just some random nerds from the IT. We're the footwear aficionados with vast experience in both digital & traditional retail. And the reason why the struggle is real is the lack of an innovative approach. The old model of how sneaker retail works no longer fit for purpose whilst a new one focused on the customer (and the lifetime value) continues to thrive. Retailers need to create an environment to take customer experience to a whole new level – engaged people will come back again. And we are here to help small & medium-sized businesses to evolve.
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